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Forensic Accounting

Numbers can lie – or at least be misrepresented. When monetary damages, loss, or support come into play, the numbers tend to go into hiding. It takes a specific skillset to comb through records and investigate clues that will bring those numbers to light.

As an experienced forensic accountant, Emil Estafanous can uncover hidden assets that can increase child support and alimony payment orders. He can accurately calculate lost wages, the cost of business interruptions, and business valuations for cases involving breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, and insurance disputes.

We use a variety of accepted methodologies, as well as government statistics, economic studies, and market conditions, to render and substantiate an opinion that supports your desired outcome. Employing the wisdom gained from decades of experience, we will diligently work on your behalf to deliver every dollar you deserve.

Audit Representation

Receiving an audit notice can be terrifying. And the consequences can be dire. Auditors count on the fact that most people don’t know their rights. Providing the wrong information, too little information, or too much information can result in crushing tax liability.

That’s why you need Emil Estafanous. With decades of experience representing Los Angeles County individuals, couples, and businesses before the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, and California Board of Equalization, he can alleviate your stress by handling every aspect of your audit. Best of all, Emil’s expertise enables him to minimize or eliminate your tax liability for the best possible outcome.

Whether you’ve received an IRS audit letter, a Franchise Tax Board audit letter, or a California Board of Equalization audit letter, Emil’s deep understanding of federal and state tax laws will ensure that you’re treated fairly. His proven track record of positive results means that your personal and business finances are in excellent hands.

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“Emil is fast, professional, and a pleasure to work with.”
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“Emil Estafanous is second to none.”
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“Emil is knowledgeable.”
– Connie P.
“Emil is proactive – he takes care of everything.”
– Kirby L.
“Emil helps with all aspects of my business.”
– Haydee C., MD
“I can go through an audit in ‘safety mode’.”
– Daniel P.
“A talented resource for making all my business decisions.”
– Chris A.

Here’s How Audit Representation Works…

  • 1 We’ll review your audit notice.
  • 2

    We’ll explain to you what the agency is seeking and why they’ve contacted you.

  • 3We’ll work with you to gather all of the required records and documentation.
  • 4We’ll represent you before the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, or California Board of Equalization.
  • 5We’ll achieve the best possible outcome for your audit.

  • 6If necessary, we’ll help with an appeal, negotiate a payment plan, or work out a settlement.

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Forensic Accounting that Gets Results

Economic Damages

Get the best possible settlement or judgment with our assessments of lost wages, profits, inventory,


We’re happy to serve as a court-appointed trustee, administrator, or examiner. If you’re filing for bankruptcy, we can prepare financial schedules. If you’re a creditor, we can search for hidden assets and help with a proof of claim.


Secrecy and deception are at the heart of fraud. We can determine the extent of the damage and deliver the proof you need to get redress from the perpetrator.

Family Law

When assets are concealed, children and former spouses are cheated. We find undisclosed income and hidden assets to ensure that all resources are visible when family courts make support rulings.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Your patents, trademarks, and copyrights are valuable. We calculate infringement damages using market value and lost opportunity methods so that you can get what’s rightfully yours.

Lost Profits

Your lost profits may be due to lost revenues, additional incurred costs, diminution of business value, securities fraud, intellectual property infringement, or anti-trust violation. We create the proper models to graphically demonstrate calculations of lost profits.


Lost Wages

Your award or settlement in a personal injury case rests on accurate calculations of lost wages. We supply the numbers – and a convincing rationale – to judges, juries, and other parties to the suit.

Business Interruption

When you’re filing an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit, the cost of business interruption can become a pivotal issue. We use lost profit and diminution of business value methodologies to make your case.

Real Estate & Construction Disputes

Thorny real estate and construction disputes can involve fraud, business interruption, lost profits, and economic damages. We substantiate the numbers that help you prove your case.

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