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Emil is proactive – he takes care of everything: 

“Until I started working with Emil, I’d always used a simple bookkeeper because I didn’t think I needed a CPA. But Emil is a knowledgeable guy – a very knowledgeable guy — and his expertise has helped me with taxes, setting up with separate corporations to purchase and lease equipment, and right now he’s even helping one of my employees bring my minutes up to date. Best of all, he’s proactive. No waiting until the last minute!  He calls me in plenty of time to make sure I’m where I need to be so there’s no last-minute surprise. He is personable, a pleasure to work with, and always take good care of me in terms of both corporate and business taxes.”

Kirby L.

Emil helps with all aspects of my business:

“For doctors, the issue of incorporation is more than dealing with the IRS. Emil has been extremely helpful in assisting me with everything, including the application with the state. He also helps me with general business issues, including things I need to consider with telecommunications, billing services and more.”

Haydee C.,  MD

Emil’s work is so clear:

“I was using Turbo Tax, but had decided to incorporate my business. I called Emil because he had handled all my father-in-law’s tax affairs so well.  Emil walked me through the incorporation and all the filings. He explains everything and his work is so clear that even a ‘tax novice’ like myself can understand it. He is always available. He usually answers my e-mails within 15 minutes.  He handles my business and personal taxes and I trust him completely.”

Hugh S.

I can go through an audit in ‘safety mode’:

“I interviewed five CPAs before engaging Emil Estafanous. His expertise with QuickBooks decided me. In the time since, he has been extremely knowledgeable in both my business and personal taxes, as well as efficient and professional. I trust his advice.  I feel like I can go through an audit in ‘safety mode’ because of him.”

Daniel P.

A talented resource for making all my business decisions:

“After trying other tax professionals, I found Emil’s firm through a local newspaper ad around five years ago. This was when I was simply looking for someone who had experience representing corporations during tax season. His knowledge and energizing attitude made me feel comfortable in using his services.  Today, Emil has become, for me, a talented resource for making all my business decisions.  His creative techniques and quick responsiveness has been very profitable for my corporation, which is why I’ve come to depend on him for much of my tax and financial planning needs.”

Chris A.

Emil is knowledgeable.

Emil has been doing our taxes for over 10 years . Business and personal taxes . He is very knowledgeable and professional. We have never encountered any issues . My father also uses him and he’s the pickiest man alive . In my dads words ” he’s worth every penny “! I recommend him to anyone who wants their taxes done right!

Connie P.

Very professional.

Emil Estafanous has been our accountant for more than 3 years now and we are very satisfied with his service. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me open my business and taking care of my corporation and individual tax. I would highly recommend his service to anyone that needs help.

Linda M

Emil Estafanous is second to none.

I don’t know what I would have done without him. My “tax mess” involved nothing but problems that had gone on for years. Mr. Estafanous knew exactly what to do and handled my situation perfectly. The man is a professional with many years experience. Don’t bother with other “tax consultants”. Simply make an appointment with Mr. Estafanous and explain what the problem is, and he will take care of it. No more headaches.

Joey C

Emil is fast, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

I presented him with 4-years of personal tax issues including real-estate investment, foreign income, garnishment, and a tax-lien and he has cleaned-up the mess. I feel that I have finally made peace with the FTB and IRS!

Andy B

California Forensic CPA